Warranties and Returns

Product Warranty periods:

30 day conditional warranty

  • • Fittings & Accessories

3 month Warranties including packs

  • • Protective Padding
  • • Protective Gloves

6 month Warranties including packs

  • Head Protection
  • Synthetic Swords –  conditional warranty on fittings and assembly, it does not cover items with signs of significant use.

WMA Shop.com Product Warranties & Conditions

Warranties are subject to review based on faults and damage on components and construction under the circumstances of fair use which follows the below criteria:

  • • For use with Synthetic weapons supplied by WMA Shop.com only and does not cover use with other weapons irrespective of whether they are steel, wood or other synthetic products offered by different manufacturers.
  • • Fair use also includes activities which include training, sparring, full contact strikes as well in the context of Western Martial Arts and Historical European Martial Arts.
  • • WMA Shop will not cover damage or failures linked to activities based on testing or evaluations with the use of WMA Shop.com synthetic weapons or other products as well as those outside regular and competitive activities in Western Martial Arts and Historical European Martial Arts.
  • • These products are only designed to reduce the potential risk of injury but not completely mitigate the potential for damage.
  • • Products must be inspected each time before use, and if any damage is detected it must not be used.
  • • WMA Shop.com will not cover any injury or losses included financial related to their use in or out of context of ‘fair use’ either inside or outside Australia.
  • • Bags are part of packaging and therefore this warranty does not cover damage to them.
  • • Clear and accurate photographs must be provided in the case of a return, and once the claim has been approved WMA Shop.com is allowed to offer an exchange or store credit for the equivalent amount not including delivery charges. WMA Shop.com may also ask for the product to be returned if the nature of damage to the product cannot be identified exclusively from the photos.
  • • Where applicable, bags are part of packaging and therefore this warranty does not cover damage to them.

If you would like to make a claim, please send an email to sales@wmashop.com including your name and order number in the title. Images must also be attached in order to make a claim.

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