About us

WMA Shop.com began in Sydney (New South Wales Australia) in 2013, where a father and son decided to tackle one of the most frustrating and difficult challenges in Western Martial Arts; the development of a high performance Synthetic Sword for the mass market. Synthetic Swords are produced by both high and small volume manufacturers around the world, without one particular model able to comprehensively satisfy the needs of today’s Western Martial Artists or offer metal sword like feel and handling characteristics.

Our goal here is to provide the most accurate and satisfying experience without compromising the intent, speed of manoeuvres and most importantly safety through the use of our market leading Synthetic Swords and other protective products.

With a focus on service delivery, quality, performance and price WMA Shop.com is a business born out of the need for an alternative to what was available and the for a dedicated Historical European Martial Arts and Western Martial Arts retailer in Australia and the Australasian region and beyond. Even at this early stage WMA Shop.com is able to adequately equip Western Martial Artists for training and competitive sparring and can easily point anyone new to Western Martial Arts and Historical European Martial Arts towards club, training and competitions.

With an ever growing range of Synthetic Swords, Protective Gear and accessories, WMA Shop.com will continue expanding its range and strives to continue improving safety without compromising the quality of your Western Martial Arts experience.

For more information please go through each section of interested and feel free to contact us with your questions or feedback in the contact page.

Thank you from Dragoslav and Branko Kragovic.