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Padded and protective Western Martial Arts Gloves.

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Padded protective gloves for mixed weapon Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and Western Martial Arts (WMA) and sparring and stick sports. Available in sizes starting from 12′ (small) to 13 (men’s medium) to even 14 (large).

These gloves offer dexterity and flexibility all the while offering protection to fingers, hands and wrists for combat sparring in WMA/HEMA. To find your size, print the size chart to an A4 sheet and place your hand within the guidelines found at this URL:

Advantages in using these over riggers/leather gloves or even other sporting/lacrosse gloves include:
• Side of finger protection and top of wrist protection.
• Attractive construction and materials that matches the HEMA/WMA aesthetic.
• Extensive semi-rigid padding on all fingers, wrists and side of hands.
• Rigid plates above padding on the tops of the hand and wrist.
• Wrist toggle with Velcro cuffs. Bacteriostatic lining with ventilation for better breathing.
• Wrist cuff doesn’t interfere with van-braces or guards like every other variety of sporting gloves.

Also suitable for other martial arts such as Kendo, Akido as well as stick sports.

For use with WMA Shop Synthetic Swords only – the purchase and use of this product does not guarantee to save damage and breaks to hands, wrists or fingers but can only mitigate the risk of damage when sparring/competing

Additional Information

Additional Information
Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 25 x 15 x 5 cm
Sizes Available

12, 13, 14

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