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Fitting between the WMA Shop Single Handed Sword and the Long Sword Synthetic Swords, the WMA Shop.com Hand and a Half Synthetic  Sword offers participants a sword that can be used in one hand or with the assistance of a second. Large enough to still fit a WMA Shop protective glove, this guard will also feature the opportunity to place either the Aluminium or Stainless Steel Cross Guard Ends as featured on other WMA Shop.com Synthetic Swords for customised length and weight. The standard 285g pommel is lighter than the Synthetic Single Handed Sword to compensate for the standard 225mm Cross Guard. The fittings on this sword can also be removed and be used on other WMA Shop Single Handed Synthetic Sword bodies. This sword can be used in either one hand or be assisted by another due to the rod style pommel which extends the handle.

This Hand and a Half Synthetic Sword also features many of the same fittings as the WMA Shop Synthetic Long Sword and can be augmented with those accessories.

Features included:

  • Steel like flex, centre of percussion and balance characteristics
  • Large radius’s throughout with no sharp edges, or unsafe striking areas
  • Completely customisable and interchangeable fittings with distinct weights
  • Specifically designed fittings for optimal weight and balance
  • Customisable weight from 1kg to 1.13kg
  • Made from high density Engineering Plastic and Stainless Steel
  • One piece precision construction for maximum durability
  • Distal and Dorsal taper on the blade body for ideal handling characteristics

Because of the precise handling and superior handling characteristics achieved through the construction of this sword through modern techniques and sophisticated materials, this product is not simply a waster or a simulated sword. But rather a true Synthetic Sword which can be used with the same accuracy and intent as a metal sword.

Additional fittings will be introduced in the near future to further customise and augment this system for each owner’s individual wishes. Each fitting and combination available today will also be usable on future models.

Please also note, this Sword does not require a licence for ownership in Victoria unlike a steel sword.

Additional Information

Additional Information
Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 115 x 24.5 x 3 cm
Cross Guard Length

170mm, 225mm, 250mm,

Pommel Type

285g Rod, 335g Rod

Cross Guard Ends

Black Aluminium, Stainless Steel

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