285g Rod Pommel



285g Rod Synthetic Sword Pommel


This pommel is modelled off the larger FAC335R model and has a weight of 285g(+/-2g) which lends can also be attached to the Synthetic Long Sword (SSLONG) which will result in a blade heavy bias moving weight away from the handle and reducing overall weight.

Features include:

  • Single piece construction and interchangeable with other WMA Shop.com Synthetic Sword models
  • Rod style maintains centre of mass balance for excellent hand-and-a-half  grip, movement and rotation
  • Knurled rod shape extends handle to increase leverage and striking power
  • CNC machined from a solid rod of Stainless Steel and knurled over multiple times to maximise grip
  • 30mm of 8mm thread in the body for excellent attachment grip

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