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HEMA & WMA combined 3 sword fencing, sabre, epee,  350nm helmet.

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This 350nm resistant combined 3 sword (fencing, sabre, epee) Protective Helmet offers excellent protective for anyone involved in Historical European and Western Martial Arts; sizes include:

XS –  55cm and smaller

S – 56cm – 60cm

M – 61cm – 65cm

L – 66cm – 72cm

XL –   73cm and larger

Starting from under the chin, measure the circumference from the top of the head all the way around to find your size.

This high quality Protective Helmet has a 350nm bib and faceplate, suitable for all sword sports including Historical European and Western Martial Arts and comes with a detachable lining to double the padding. Unlike cheaper helmets with single layer padding, this helmet goes a long way to mitigate damaging strikes to the side of the head. The black mesh also reduces glare and improves visibility and is finished with a stylish orange lining.

Please note however, that these helmets do not have electrical contacts so scoring is not possible with the standard electrical gear. For use with WMA Shop Synthetic Swords only – the purchase and use of this product does not guarantee to save damage from impact but can only mitigate the risk of damage when sparring/competing associated with Historical European and Western Martial Arts.

Additional Information

Additional Information
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 44 x 30 x 4 cm

XS, S, M, L, XL

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  1. 5/5

    We have made these the default masks for our HEMA club on the Gold Coast.

    They are of excellent quality.
    -The bib is firm and helps prevent hard thrusts to the neck
    -the metal frame is sturdy
    -the removable padding is handy for washing
    -the additional padding holds the mask firmly around your face and chin, this prevents the mask from moving around on your head when you are hit.
    -the additional padding helps soften the blow.
    -the black looks good

    As someone who has settled for cheaper alternatives I would suggest you pay the extra $10 or $20 for this mask. It is superior in every way to the alternatives and you will just end up purchasing it in the future anyway!

    If you are looking for your first mask or a good, safe and reliable piece of kit, buy this one. It should be considered the minimum in HEMA head protection

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